Throughout my life, I have been immersed in the world of fabrics, textures, art and fashion, guided by a passion for aesthetics.

Born in vibrant India, my journey has woven through various continents and cultures. From Tel Aviv to Paris (working with KENZO) and New York, each place left its imprint on my artistic narrative.
As a young girl I used to watch my mother get up really early,  get all her house work done so she could devote the day to creating.
The love to creat I got from her.
The love for style I got from both my parents.
URBANIC TRIBE is the culmination of two worlds that exist within Me.
My love for clean-cut, timeless cloths with Urban Japanese aesthetics , and my eternal connection and attraction to the ancient tribal worlds.
The URBANIC TRIBE line transcends time, space and ever-changing fashions.